Vestibular Disease Awareness Day

Dear Colleagues, under the threat by Covid-19 pandemics I wish you all safety. As being mostly vulnerable to transmission we need more attention to be safe.

Today is announced by the International Vestibular Society as “The Awareness day for Vestibular Diseases”. The aim has been to share the recent information, diagnostic and treatment methodologies for the Vestibular disabled patients as well as misdiagnosed patients with the Health professionals. The idea consisted several scientific activities. However, during our lower stay in hospital profile, threats by the virus contamination we almost feel depressed.

The Events to meet and discuss the Vestibular issues are all postponed taking place following the pandemics. The major event will be the Vertigo Academy International Meeting that will be organized in Belgrade next April. In between we are still planning smaller meetings and courses. Webcast conferences will always be possible as many of us can connect online. This will be our priority in shortly after this depressive period begins to resolve.

I wish you all to stay healthy and keep your connection with us.

With very best regards

Prof. O. Nuri Ozgirgin


The International Vestibular Society