Message from the President

International Vestibular Society was founded in 2018. While Vertigo Academy International Meetings were progressing with great success there has been a need to create an organization to cover it. The primary task was to introduce educational perspectives to the field. The awareness and the level of the knowledge was aimed to be elevated among the physicians in the field. The learning objectives are constituted, a certification program is prepared.

VAI was initiated as a standing alone independent organization but then a necessity raised to be covered by a Society. The regulations and its business could be handled efficiently by an international committee. Almost 60 esteemed Vestibular Scientists established the initiation of the International Society. The organization was registered as International Vestibular Society, the temporary executive committee was fully agreed to have official term for four years.

The Society planned to disseminate its mission worldwide to motivate all scientific branches related with vestibular disorders in terms of clinical research and studies and to engage higher standards on vestibüler knowledge and education, to organize worldwide meetings, courses and conferences. Motivation of the colleagues who are involved and interested in vestibular medicine and creation awareness on contemporary knowledge and diagnostic and therapeutic techniques on Vestibular medicine were aimed.

In this regard the day April 15 is announced as “Vestibular Disorders Awareness Day” by organizing activities worldwide for health professionals and for the public to create awareness.

One of the first noteworthy activity has been the vestibular courses to be organized in India during the first week of July 2020.

Prof. Dr. O. Nuri Özgirgin