The second meeting was realized in Moscow with the contributions by the most prominent scientists of the World during 23-25 May 2015. This meeting standing on with only vestibular topics created a great impact. The scientific content as well as the contributors, of course was the main power for this impact. The progress on the diagnosis of vestibular problems, but on the other hand, developing technologies to support the rehabilitation ideas for the bilaterally disabled patients as well as the changing habits on medical treatment regimens were striking.

The “Vertigo Academy International” concept has begun with the idea of putting the “Clinical Research and Basics” into the scientific agenda. In this regard the topics of the meeting has been chosen with great concern but also workshops are also added into the program to give practical issues to the participants.

With this meeting there appeared a great interest and enthusiasm that stimulates us to continue with the new “Vertigo Academy International” meetings, in several parts of the world.