Vertigo Academy International was held in Turkey on 15–18 November. Vertigo as being the sole topic of an International Meeting is rarely handled. Besides the International Meetings based on vestibular research, Vertigo Academy International comes out as being the only International Conference dealing with the Clinical Vestibular Medicine and research.

Forty distinguished scientists coming from all parts of the world including Canada, US, South America and even Korea contributed in the scientific program by exhibiting a very high scientific level. Vertigo and dizziness with all their aspects have been discussed and attracted the attention of more than 450 participants attending from several countries..

Each session was designed to exhibit a very nice combination of otologists and neurologists to demonstrate a perfect multidisciplinary approach to the vestibular system disorders.

Vestibular disorders have rarely been the main topic of the scientific meetings and in clinical basis, Vertigo Academy International will fill the gap in this field with its coming events. This has been the unique organization of the world dealing with Clinical Research and Medicine on Vertigo and Associated disorders. The great success that has been fulfilled with this first event encourages us for further organizations. Additionally the reflections that we have received from the other parts of the world will give the opportunity of collaboration with other Scientific Organizations of Vestibular Medicine.