The World Awareness Days for Vestibular Diseases”


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As you may know the week holding April 15-18, has been announced as “The World Awareness Days for Vestibular Diseases

During these days 3 important events will take place.

15th of April, there will be “Vertigo TV”. This will be a local broadcast but also to be shared Internationally. This broadcast will rather screen a soft opening that will offer a flow likewise a TV program for four hours. The approach for Vestibular system and its disorders will be emphasized. We aimed to introduce the difficult and complex aspect of Vestibular system by making it to be perceived with pleasure. 16 Scientists will share their experience in this event. There will be simultaneous translation in this portion of the events.

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Electrical stimulation of the vestibular system is rather a new concept which the scientists focused on during the last decade. On 16th of April “1st International Vestibular Implant Congress” will be online and will show the current status of the vestibular implants by different research groups as well as alternatives for the treatment and rehabilitation of vestibular pathology. Renowned researchers on the subject will conduct the sessions. In each session, different aspects of vestibular dysfunction and the impact of electrical stimulation will be discussed. 20 well known scientists around the World will contribute the latest progress. This will rather be a futuristic event

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“2nd Virtual Global Summit on Vestibular Update” will take place on 17-18 April. This will be a worldwide meeting covering almost all topics of the vestibular system and will focus on the updates. More than 80 distinguished scientists will contribute on the current experience about basic science, diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders.

Four days of vestibular presentation will be open to all colleagues only with registration. There will be no fee to connect. Certificates will be offered to whom having attendance at least 75% of the sessions.

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As you may well know Vertigo Academy International is a trademark of International Vestibular Society which has the academic and teaching mission to be in connection with the IVS.

The first meeting of In International Vertigo Academy was performed in 2012, in Antalya Turkey. The proceeding meetings were in Moscow (2015), Mumbai (2017) and Minsk (2019) all with great participation and success. 

The coming meeting is recently re-scheduled to November 2022 due to the unfavorable conditions of Covid Pandemics. We are looking forward welcoming you in Belgrade during the dates 24-27 November 2022.

Please let me remind you with the logo of Vertigo Academy International that is specific to International Vestibular Society.

For more information, please refer to our website

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Prof. O. Nuri Özgirgin


International Vestibular Society