12. Practical Approach to Vertigo Meeting is NOW VIRTUAL

Dear Guests,

I wish to salute you with the 12. “Practical Approach for Vertigo” meeting that is being organized this year. Our highly scientific meeting should be held in Radisson Blu Resort - Çeşme this year, however the impact of Covid Sars-2 pandemics does not allow us organizing this meeting in physical conditions and it forced us converting to virtual meeting.

As it was the case during last events, worldwide sixteen eminent scientists remarkably contributed to vestibular science took place among the faculty as being our honorary guests. Additionally, distinguished scientists form Turkey being highly experienced on the topic will make an update for the vestibular medicine. The instructional courses that will be held by the distinguished speakers are going to be the occasions that shouldn’t be missed.

The busy schedule of the scientific program is placed in Saturday and Sunday hopefully will find you in a more relieving circumstance at your home.I wish to invite you to 12th event of “Practical Approach for Vertigo” Meetings with its highly scientific content in a relieving condition at your home.

Kind regards,
Prof. O. Nuri ÖZGIRGIN