Dear Colleagues,
Vertigo Academy International is a Scientific Organization of International Vertigo Society that is founded recently. Its Academic Program and learning objectives offer substantial opportunities to the fellows interested with the topic.

Following 3 successive previous meetings the Scientific Committee agreed to organize the fourth in Minsk, situated on the Svislach and the Nyamiha Rivers that is the administrative capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and seat of the Executive Secretary. Minsk’s earliest historical references to Minsk date to the 11th century (1067), when it was noted as a provincial city within the Principality of Polotsk.

The scientific impact of the meeting will be significant as very prominent scientists on the topic. This meeting will also serve for the physicians of the hosting country to participate and inspire effectively the latest progress on the topic.

The Scientific Program of this Meeting will compete with the previous ones to offer an exceptional experience.

Instructional courses will be organized a day in advance to offer the participants Meeting the leaders of Vestibular science.

There will also occasion to submit personal presentations as posters, that will also have the opportunity of competing for a prize.

Prof. Dr. O. Nuri Ozgirgin